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Can my 11-year-old open an IRA?

May 18, 2013: 6:30 AM ET

My 11-year-old earns money umpiring baseball games. Can he open an IRA? Will it affect his college aid? — Rick Gross, Avon, Conn.

Assuming Junior is willing, a Roth IRA (which grows and can be tapped tax-free) is a home run. In 2013 he can put in the lesser of $5,500 or his earned income. Does he earn just a few hundred dollars? You'll need a firm with a low minimum, such as Charles Schwab.

Don't worry about college. IRAs aren't used to set federal aid. Though about 260 schools doling out aid ask about IRAs, retirement money is counted only sometimes, such as when a wealthy family has split up assets, says publisher Mark Kantrowitz.

Your son may make too little to file taxes, says H&R Block's Gil Charney, but it's not a bad idea to save W-2s or 1099s proving earned income.

— Stephanie AuWerter

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    You have to sell your fund shares to capture that gain. Your fund realizes its own capital gains and losses MORE

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    Whether or not you can invest both pre-tax and after-tax dollars in the same 401(k) depends on the plan itself. It's a safe bet that your employer's 401(k) plan permits pre-tax contributions, according to Kaye Thomas, who spent two decades as a tax lawyer MORE

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    After reading about Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (UTMA) accounts, I regret opening one for my 13-year-old daughter. As I understand it, her mutual fund UTMA will reduce her financial aid by a greater amount than if the money was in my name or in a 529 plan. My daughter has about $3,000 in the account. How can I transfer it into a 529 plan without being penalized on taxes? MORE

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    How would I purchase an ETF? What is the cheapest way to buy an ETF? – Name withheld

    Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are widely available from a variety of brokerage firms, says Roger Woodman, founder of Roger F. Woodman Jr. & Co., a financial advisory firm in Portland, Maine. Just open an account at a major online broker such as Fidelity, Vanguard, Charles Schwab, E*Trade, or TD Ameritrade, and you can MORE

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    When you buy silver coins and have them delivered, how is that shipment protected and insured? Can you have the coins delivered directly to a bank to be put directly into safe deposit boxes?—Name withheld

    When buying coins in precious metals, the seller will typically ship to any legitimate address, whether residential or commercial, and will fully insure the coins and replace the product should something happen in transit.

    Once the silver MORE

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